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Covid-19 Pandemic and the crisis of intergovernmental Response in Nigeria

Project Overview

Generally the essence of Intergovernmental Relations is to foster in a federal structure, cordial relationship between the centre and other the federating units so as to achieve at least basically, relative equality and interdependence. However, the recent experience of governmental response to covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria has proved to be the worse manifestation of an unsettling crises of intergovernmental relations in Nigeria since independence. Using KIIs, FGDs and desk review as sources of primary and secondary data respectively, this study has found that the attempt to respond to covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria was adversely affected by the uncoordinated, non-harmonious, and antagonistic attitude that characterized the relationship between federal, states and local governments. The study concluded that such crises has culminated into a general epileptic and paralyzed governmental response thereby causing citizenry mistrust against government as well as more positive cases and higher casualties of the covid-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

Study Design

Emperical Research

Project Keywords

Crisis, Preventing, Curative, Palliative, Strategic communications, Covid-19 Pandemic, intergovernmental relations

Principal Investigator

Name: Aminu Hayatu

Title: Dr.

Department or Unit: Political Science

Organization: Bayero University Kano

Co-Project Investigators

  • Name: Aminu
    Title: Dr.
    Department or Unit: Political Science
    Organization: Bayero University Kano
  • Name: Jibrin
    Title: Mr
    Department or Unit: General Studies Unit
    Organization: Kano University of Science and Technology
  • Name: Samir
    Title: Dr.
    Department or Unit: Adult Education and Community Development
    Organization: Bayero University Kano
  • Name: Saminu
    Title: Mr.
    Department or Unit: Political Science
    Organization: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
  • Name: Maryam
    Title: Dr
    Department or Unit: Medicine
    Organization: Northwest University Kano

Funding Source


Expected Study Timeline

October 1,2020 to May 15th, 2021

Study Design

Emperical Research

Primary Methods of Data Collection

KIIs, FGDs and DRs

Unit of Analysis

Individuals, Organizations and Levels of Government

Study Population(s)

Government levels (Federal, State & Local governments)

Sample Size

40 (16)

Geographic Focus Area(s)


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