COVID-19 Pandemic, Reversal Of Treaditional Gender Roles & Domestic Violence: Examining The Relationship Between COVID-19 & Gender Based Violence In Ghana

Project Overview

1. To examine how the pandemic has impacted families especially married couples in fulfilling their parental obligations. 2. To explore the level of men’s involvement in household chores due to the pandemic and the challenges they experience as they are negotiating their masculine identity. 3. To determine the extent to which covid-19 emasculate men and how that leads men to abuse (or the lack of therefore) their partners. 4. To critically explore how the association between covid-19, reversal of traditional gender roles, and domestic violence is moderated by religion, lineage, place of residence, and social class in Ghana.

Study Design


Project Keywords

Coronavirus, Domestic violence, gender roles, Ghana

Principal Investigator

Name: Enoch

Title: Assistant Professor

Department or Unit: Sociology

Organization: Bristol

Co-Project Investigators

  • Name: Odartei
    Title: Mr
    Organization: Cass Europe

Funding Source


Expected Study Timeline

May 1, 2021 to October 1, 2021

Study Design


Primary Methods of Data Collection

Surveys, Interviews, and focus group discussion

Unit of Analysis


Study Population(s)

Married men and women

Sample Size


Geographic Focus Area(s)


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