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COVID-19 USA-Poland Survey

Project Overview

The purpose of this study is to compare COVID-19 perceptions, experiences, behaviors, well-being, and health care conditions in the USA and Poland. USA and Poland have unique sociocultural and geopolitical circumstances, which have shaped responses to COVID-19 and likely produced variations in people’s experiences and perceptions in these two countries. Data were collected in June and July of 2020 from individuals 18 years and older residing in the two countries using an online survey in English and Polish. Published COVID-19 measures were used. An extra module of the survey targeted health care workers and their experiences and assessment of health systems’ responses to COVID-19. A total of 570 completed surveys were received and are being analyzed. This study will increase our understanding of how people in different countries have fared during the pandemic.

Study Design


Project Keywords

COVID-19, perceived threat, attitudes, behaviors, health, health care workers, Poland

Principal Investigator

Name: Magdalena

Title: Dr.

Department or Unit: Department of Sociology

Organization: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Co-Project Investigators

    Funding Source


    Expected Study Timeline

    June 1 to December 31, 2020

    Study Design


    Primary Methods of Data Collection

    online survey

    Unit of Analysis


    Study Population(s)

    individuals 18 years and older residing in the USA and Poland; health care workers in the USA and Poland

    Sample Size

    400 (200 per country)

    Geographic Focus Area(s)

    USA, Poland

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