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Intimate Partner Violence During Covid-19: Guatemalan Trends

Project Overview

We are currently in the process of gathering reported cases of intimate partner violence for 2020. Specifically, we are looking at how reporting trends have changed across time and especially since quarantine was enacted across various regions and contexts. This research is especially important in Guatemala as reporting continues to be incredibly low.

Study Design

Longitudinal, HLM

Project Keywords

Guatemala; IPV; quarantine; trends; resources; neighborhoods

Principal Investigator

Name: Laura

Title: PhD Candidate

Department or Unit: Sociology

Organization: University of Miami

Co-Project Investigators

    Funding Source

    No funding is available at this time

    Expected Study Timeline

    February 2021

    Study Design

    Longitudinal, HLM

    Primary Methods of Data Collection

    crime and census data

    Unit of Analysis

    individuals, neighborhoods

    Study Population(s)


    Sample Size


    Geographic Focus Area(s)


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