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An Introduction to the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships


Date: February 12, 2024
Time: 12:00 to 12:30 p.m. MT


The National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships (TIP) was authorized by the CHIPS and Science Act in 2022, with ‘natural and anthropogenic disaster prevention or mitigation’ identified as one of the ten key emerging technologies. Dr. Danielle Sumy, the speaker for this webinar, will provide a background on the recently established TIP directorate, and her role for the disaster prevention or mitigation emerging tech topic.  

She will also discuss the recently launched Responsible Design, Development, and Deployment of Technologies (ReDDDoT) program, which has disaster risk reduction as a focus. ReDDDoT seeks proposals from multidisciplinary, multi-sector teams to examine and demonstrate translational principles, methodologies, implementations, and impacts associated with responsible design, development, and deployment of technologies. ReDDDoT invites proposals that fill gaps in research, innovation and capacity building; create broad and inclusive communities of interest; educate and train the workforce; develop strategies to avoid/mitigate economic, social harms; and empower impacted communities to participate in all phases of tech development. 

If you are interested in learning about this new directorate and program, we hope you will join us! There will be time for questions at the end of the webinar.  

This webinar will be recorded and posted on this page after the event. Please remember to sign up for future webinars and free resources at the CONVERGE website. 


Danielle F. Sumy, Program Director, National Science Foundation

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