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CONVERGE Disaster Mental Health Training Module: A Demonstration Webinar


Date: January 17, 2020
Time: 11 to 11:30 am MT


    This webinar provided a demonstration of the CONVERGE Disaster Mental Health Training Module. If you are an educator, student, researcher, practitioner, or other professional hoping to learn more about this free, online resource, please watch the recorded webinar!

    The webinar offered an overview of the broader vision for the CONVERGE Training Modules, as well as featured specific tips for how you can integrate the Disaster Mental Health module into your classroom, workplace, and future presentations. In addition, it showed how the module functions and the resources associated with it.

    The CONVERGE Disaster Mental Health Module—developed with support from the National Science Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—is available via the CONVERGE website. We hope you will access it.

    Introduction & Overview

    Lori Peek, Director, Natural Hazards Center and Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder; Principal Investigator, CONVERGE, SSEER, and ISEEER


    Rachel Adams, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Natural Hazards Center and CONVERGE, University of Colorado Boulder

    Candace Evans, Graduate Research Assistant, Natural Hazards Center and CONVERGE, University of Colorado Boulder

    If you have questions about this webinar series or about CONVERGE, please contact us at

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