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Civil Liberties and Social Control: COVID-19 in India and the United States


The Working Group will conduct a cross-cultural comparison of curtailment of civil liberties during COVID-19 pandemic in India and the US. The group will identify lessons in balancing lock-down, quarantine, and isolation policies at one end with constitutional liberties, like free movement, on the other end. It will conduct content analysis of orders issued for COVID-19 response by state authorities and conduct qualitative interviews regarding their effect.

Working Group Leads

Kailash Gupta, The International Emergency Management Society – India Chapter and Manomita Das, Birla Institute of Technology and Science

Working Group Members

Anil Mishra, Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication
Nikhil Moro, Kansas State University
Njoki Mwarumba, University of Nebraska Omaha
Ramesh Singh, Chapman University

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