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COVID-19 and Enduring Attitudinal, Behavioral, and Social Change


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced rapid, large changes in the areas of remote working, distance learning, online shopping, online socializing, day-to-day travel patterns, and long distance travel. Many of these changes were happening already, but COVID-19 has pressed the fast-forward button. Which behavioral changes will be long-lasting, and for whom? How, if at all, are attitudes shifting in this crisis, and will these shifts be long-term? This Working Group will use a national survey to answer such questions and develop insights into what American way of life may look like in the aftermath of COVID-19

Working Group Lead

Deborah Salon, Arizona State University

Working Group Members

Denise Capasso da Silva, Arizona State University
Matthew Conway, Arizona State University
Sybil Derrible, University of Illinois, Chicago
Michael Kuby, Arizona State University
Michael Maness, University of South Florida
Ram Pendyala, Arizona State University
Rebecca Sanders, Arizona State University

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