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COVID-19 and Food Insecurity


This Working Group aims to transform COVID-19 research on food security. Little research has been done in the U.S. on disaster disruption to the local food environment. Existing assessments miss important features of the food environment created by disaster disruptions. This working group will coordinate to align measures across COVID-19 studies, partner on analyses, and disseminate recommendations for food environment assessment post-disruption.

Working Group Lead

Lauren Clay, D’Youville College

Working Group Members

Uriyoan Colon-Ramos, George Washington University
Azmal Hossan, Colorado State University
Anna Josephson, University of Arizona
Alexia Brunet Marks, University of Colorado
Emily Morgan, University of Vermont
Roni Neff, Johns Hopkins University
Meredith Niles, University of Vermont
Rachel Slotter, University of Delaware

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