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COVID-19 and Healthcare Workers in Turkey


This Working Group will focus on the extent of psychological trauma related to COVID-19 among healthcare workers (e.g., doctors, nurses, paramedics, etc.) in Turkey, and will discuss and examine the predictors of their psychological status. It will first conduct a thorough examination of relevant literature on COVID-19-related psychological problems among healthcare workers in Turkey, and then plan the best approach to design a study for assessing this population.

Working Group Lead

Cengiz Kilic, Hacettepe University

Working Group Members

Reshed Abohalaka, Hacettepe University
Fahad Ahmed, Hacettepe University
Ebru Inal, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University
Ozge Karadag Caman, Columbia University
Edip Kaya, Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University
Ozlem Seyda Ulug, Private practice, Ankara

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