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COVID-19 and Shifting Public Opinions, Attitudes, Behaviors


While the COVID-19 pandemic is a public health problem, it is also a social problem, as public adoption of advised health behaviors relies on an interplay of public policy, social communication, and public attitudes. This Working Group has developed a nationally representative panel survey to explore the ways in which the pandemic altered the lives of Americans. The data will be made publicly available at By making the data public and providing an interface that allows non-academics to do basic analysis, it will increase knowledge of the social, behavioral, and cultural impacts among policy makers, journalists, and the public at large.

Working Group Lead

Beth Redbird, Northwestern University

Working Group Members

Tabitha Bonilla, Northwestern University
James N. Druckman, Northwestern University
Laurel Harbridge-Yong, Northwestern University
Thomas McDade, Northwestern University
Rachel Davis Mersey, Northwestern University
Andrew V. Papachristos, Northwestern University
Sera Young, Northwestern University

Working Group Resources

CoronaData U.S.

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