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COVID-19 Contact Tracing


Research Agenda:

This Working Group will examine contract tracing in Colorado, Hawaii, and beyond to develop evidence-based guidance for academic and non-academic audiences. Specifically, the group will use Local Public Health Agency data and models to inform local response capacity needs and to create an ongoing line of communication with stakeholders in select locations. The group will also develop tracing tools, integrating survey research with crowdsourced data and geospatial, temporal analytics to support planning, decision support for non-pharmaceutical interventions (social distancing, quarantine, isolation) and mitigation by state and local governments, NGOs, and civic organizations.

Working Group Leads

Karl Kim, University of Hawaii and Tatiane Santos, Colorado School of Public Health

Working Group Members

Theresa Anselmo, Colorado Association of Local Public Health Officials
Jiwnath Ghimire, NDPTC
Lauren Phillips, University of Colorado, Denver
Eric Yamashita, NDPTC
Essey Yirdaw, Colorado Hospital Association

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