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COVID-19 Impacts on Commercial Anchors of Majority-Minority Communities


This Working Group assesses how acute crises impact chronically at-risk places and populations. Minority-owned small businesses operating in places populated largely by racial minorities often disproportionately serve and employ Black, Latinx, Asian, MENA and Native Americans. The group’s policy-oriented, place-based research on these assets evaluates long-term community resilience and vulnerability, not just short-term business recovery and distress.

Working Group Lead

Fallon Aidoo, University of New Orleans

Working Group Members

Shaoming Chen, Florida International University
Margaret Cowell, Virginia Tech
Nicole Fuller, University of New Orleans
Emel (Nazife) Ganapati, Florida International University
Sukumar Ganapati, Florida International University
Dasjon Jordan, MIT designX
Robin Keegan, Tulane University
Shirly Laska, University of New Orleans
Vanessa Leon, New York University
Gregory Price, University of New Orleans
Michelle Thompson, University of New Orleans
Eric van Holm, University of New Orleans

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