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Cultural Perceptions of Risk, Behavioral Responses, and Community Resilience in COVID-19


The goals of this Working Group are to ascertain how perceptions of COVID-19 risk are formed and transformed into behaviors that impact the recovery of institutions and households. The Working Group conceptualizes risk perception as a cultural construction based on group identity, shared metaphors, and trust in community institutions that shape community resiliency. Its research methods include online surveys, telephone interviews, and mathematical modeling. Results will inform psychological, economic, and institutional recovery efforts.

Working Group Lead

David Casagrande, Lehigh University

Working Group Members

Daniel Abrahams, Lehigh University
Paolo Bocchini, Lehigh University
Brian D. Davison, Lehigh University
Alberto Lamadrid, Lehigh University
Jessecae K. Marsh, Lehigh University
Dominic J. Packer, Lehigh University
Richard Sause, Lehigh University

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