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Research Agenda:

This Working Group will examine the intersection of disability and COVID-19 as a natural hazard—specifically, how this unfolding emergency affects access to and use of attendant care, community resources, medical care, mental health services, public health, and social services. The group is also interested in whether people with disabilities but without underlying health conditions are disproportionately experiencing barriers to information and services in relation to COVID; previous research on other disasters suggests that such barriers consistently occur.

Working Group Lead

Laura M. Stough, Texas A&M University

Working Group Members

Tanya Baker, Texas A&M University
Elizabeth McAdams Ducy, Sonoma State University
Lesley Gray, University of Otago
Donghyun Kang, Winona State University
Sungyoon Lee, Middle Tennessee State University
Patricia Lynch, Texas A&M University
Isabella Miracle, Texas A&M University
Marcia Montague, Texas A&M University
Zachary Morris, Stony Brook University
Cynthia Rohrbeck, George Washington University
Amy Sharp, University of Texas at Austin
Kayla Sweet, Hays Independent School District
Nick Winges-Yanez, University of Texas at Austin

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