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Disaster Capitalism and COVID-19


Disasters present opportunities for change, but also highlight tension between those advocating for social transformation and those protecting the interests of the powerful and wealthy. This group will study COVID-capitalism around the world to understand whether social and economic justice are being served, or whether state and non-state actors are using the pandemic to consolidate control, to financially profit, and to protect systems of oppression.

Working Group Lead

Jason von Meding, University of Florida

Working Group Members

Wesley Cheek, Ritsumeikan University
Ksenia Chmutina, Loughborough University
Giuseppe Forino, University of East Anglia
Claudia González Muzzio, Ámbito Consultores Limitada
Heidi Harmon, City of San Luis Obispo, CA
Maíra Irigaray, University of Florida
Antony Loewenstein, Independent
Vicente Sandoval, Freie Universität Berlin
Isabella Tomassi, École normale supérieure de Lyon
Darien Alexander Williams, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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