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Disaster Science, Humanities, and Media Outreach in COVID-19


Research Agenda:

No research agenda.

The Disaster Science, Humanities, and Media Outreach Working Group proceeds from the belief that the relationship between researchers and the media will need to be continually built and replenished as the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout 2020 and the next year. Researchers should be cognizant of collecting, developing, and deploying best practices and methods in doing this work.

Working Group Lead

Scott Gabriel Knowles, Drexel University

Working Group Members

Ksenia Chmutina, Loughborough University
Karen Gadbois, The Lens
Yeonsil Kang, Drexel University
Samantha Montano, University of Nebraska Omaha
Lisa Onaga, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Andrew Revkin, Columbia University
Adam Rogers, Wired Magazine
Robert Soden, University of Toronto
Jose Torero, University College London
Jason von Meding, University of Florida

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