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Economic Recovery: Enabling Comparative Research on COVID-19


This Working Group focuses on the economic recovery of businesses and communities from the COVID-19 pandemic. With communities around the world experiencing severe economic impacts, we anticipate a proliferation of efforts to track, assess, and explain local economic recovery. We will develop resources to enable comparable data collection and mutual learning; for example, by proposing and sharing standardized metrics and survey instruments.

Working Group Lead

Stephanie Chang, University of British Columbia

Working Group Members

Charlotte Brown, Resilient Organisations
Sahar Derakhshan, University of South Carolina
Noah Dormady, Ohio State University
John Handmer, RMIT University and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Yoshio Kajitani, Kagawa University
Adriana Keating, RMIT University and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
Juri Kim, University of British Columbia
Ilan Noy, Victoria University of Wellington
Adam Rose, University of Southern California
Maria Watson, Texas A&M University
Anne Wein, U.S. Geological Survey
Norihiko Yamano, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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