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Electricity Usage and COVID-19


Energy and society are intricately linked, so tightly so that electricity usage data can serve as a bellwether for economic growth or collapse. The stay-at-home orders issued to protect the population from exposure to the COVID-19 are also reshaping the way we live and work, with potentially significant and lasting impacts to how we use electricity. At the same time, keeping electricity flowing is critical to a functioning healthcare system and the broader social system. This Working Group will explore these changes in electricity usage and what they might mean for society going forward.

Working Group Lead

Hilary Boudet, Oregon State University

Working Group Members

Nicolas Astier, Stanford University
Jose Bolorinos, Stanford University
Lily Buechler, Stanford University
Gustavo Cezar, Stanford University
June Flora, Stanford University
Leanne Giordono, Oregon State University
Cassandra Inman, Oregon State University
Mahmood Muttaqee, Oregon State University
Sioban Powell, Stanford University
Ram Rajagopal, Stanford University
Gregory Stelmach, Oregon State University
Tao Sun, Stanford University
Chad Zanocco, Stanford University

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