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Evacuation and Sheltering of Vulnerable Populations in a Hurricane-Pandemic


This Working Group aims to convene calls of state, county and local leaders, experts, and providers from public health, government, health care, community civic groups, and others to identify knowledge gaps, needs and concerns related to the upcoming 2020 hurricane season under the current public health crisis. Through these calls, the group will facilitate relationship-building, information and resource sharing, and co-learning to fill knowledge gaps (data, theoretical frameworks) to inform policies, procedures, and planning. Group members will participate in calls, share documents and resources to be compiled in a repository, and provide input and recommendations.

Working Group Leads

Joshua Behr, Old Dominion University; Elizabeth Dunn, University of South Florida; Jennifer Marshall, University of South Florida; and Wie Yusuf, Old Dominion University

Working Group Members

Victoria Ballard, Savannah College of Art and Design
Carol Considine, Old Dominion University
Rafael Diaz, Old Dominion University
Ahlam Farzan, University of South Florida
Emel Ganapati, Florida International University
Saige Hill, Old Dominion University
Kayla Jones, University of South Florida
Kelsey Merlo, University of South Florida
Blake Scott, University of South Florida
Nicole Hutton Shannon, Old Dominion University
Michael Shekari, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Jennifer Whytlaw, Old Dominion University

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