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Gender and Intersectionality Research on COVID-19


This Working Group will track and share COVID-19 research related to gender issues and report on gaps within it. The group will strive to ensure that pandemic information on gender relations is based on systematic research to the extent possible; intersectional by multiple identities; includes masculinities and other genders; presents analyses by sexual as well as gender differences; and incorporates—while going beyond—a focus on the potential vulnerability or victimization of diverse women.

Working Group Lead

Jane Henrici, World Bank-Haiti

Working Group Members

Emma Louise Backe, George Washington University
Kevin Blanchard, Royal Geographic University
Danielle Denardo, Soka University of America
Alexandra Duprey, Tufts University
Olivia García, Casa de Esperanza National Latin@ Network
Christine Gibb, University of Ottawa
Melinda González, Louisiana State University
Alesha Gray, George Washington University
Aojie Ju, George Washington University
Yuxin Lei, George Washington University
Karine Lepillez, Inclusive Societies
Randal Mason, Independent
Isabella Mekker, George Washington University
Samantha L. Montano, University of Nebraska Omaha
Anne Marie Morán, Ipsos
Benjamin Payne,* East Coast Lab
Jamila Razzaq, UNESCO-UIL
Rachel Rinaldo, University of Colorado Boulder
Ashleigh Rushton, Massey University

Working Group Resources

Gender and Intersectionality Database

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