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Homelessness, Housing Precarity, and COVID-19


This Working Group will focus on the unique issues faced by those experiencing homelessness and housing precarity in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including examples of positive responses and creative coping strategies. Central to these efforts, the group will document and discuss the implications of varying government and community-based interventions across scales and contexts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working Group Lead

Jamie Vickery, University of Colorado Boulder

Working Group Members

Rimjhim Aggarwal, Arizona State University
Edris Alam, Rabdan Academy
Alexia Brunet Marks, University of Colorado Law School
Nnenia Campbell, University of Colorado Boulder
David Canavan, Canavan Associates
Aaron Clark-Ginsberg, RAND Corporation
Trina-Rae Cuff, Royal Roads University
Sarah DeYoung, University of Delaware
Jason Fenn, Federal Emergency Management Agency
JC Gaillard, University of Auckland
June Gin, Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center
Ryall Giuliano, Royal Roads University
Jeff Gruver, GRACE Marketplace
LaDawn Haglund, Arizona State University
Felicia Henry, University of Delaware
Revathi Krishna, Monash University
Loïc Le Dé, Auckland University of Technology
Angela Lee-Winn, University of Colorado Anschutz
Chris Narducci, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Cotina Pixley, University of Delaware
Priya Ranganath, World Heritage Foundation
Galen Savidge-Wilkins, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Marc Settembrino, Southeastern Louisiana University
Jean Slick, Royal Roads University
Mathew St. Martin, Auckland University of Technology
Anita Sundararaj, Auckland University of Technology
Lisa Sundahl Platt, University of Florida
Bill Sweeney, Boulder Bridge House
Thomas Thaler, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Kathleen Tierney, University of Colorado Boulder
Matthew Van, California State University, Long Beach
Jason Von Meding, University of Florida
Nicole Watson, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Hansen Wendlandt, Nederland Community Presbyterian Church
Ben Wisner, University College London & Oberlin College
Haorui Wu, Dalhousie University
Zhe Zhang, Texas A&M University

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