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Living the Pandemic Life on the Margins of Society: Voices from the Field


This Working Group will collect stories from a diverse people who live on the margins of market-based society, including Native Americans and African Americans. For them, fashioning meaningful lives amidst this malevolent disordering must occur absent many of the securities of middle-class life. This group seeks to examine how these groups are coping with a new normal of day-to-day anguish. What do they understand to be the most difficult parts of this moment in time? What do they hope for the future? Their narratives will highlight how this pandemic intersects with people whose lives are challenging in the best of times.

Contributing Scholars

Kimberly Mosby, Louisiana State University
Collette Pichon-Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy

Working Group Leads

Pamela Jenkins, University of New Orleans and Steve Kroll-Smith, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

Working Group Members

George Lord, University of the Virgin Islands
David Shane Lowry, Biola University
Art Murphy, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

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