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Localized Research and COVID-19 Response in Sierra Leone


Research Agenda:

No research agenda.

This Working Group will bring a group of multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners together to use the platform of research to inform the COVID-19 response in Sierra Leone. The aim of the group will be to promote the generation of evidence-based practices in effectively responding to COVID-19 through the collaboration of researchers in Sierra Leone to develop timely and relevant research questions. If resources are available, support to draft research proposals to source funding will also be provided.

Working Group Lead

Katrina Hann, Sustainable Health Systems

Working Group Members

Mukeh Fahnbulleh, Ministry of Health and Sanitation
Hawantu Kamara, Ministry of Health and Sanitation
Sulaiman Lakoh, Independent
Bailah Molleh, Sustainable Health Systems
Stephen Sevalie, Sustainable Health Systems
Dayo Spencer-Walters, Independent
Harold Thomas, Ministry of Health and Sanitation

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