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Policy Frameworks and Impacts on the Epidemiology of COVID-19


This Working Group will describe and compare public health policies used to combat COVID-19 and changes in the epidemiology of 2019-nCoV in a variety of places (national /subnational). It will tease out how these complex policies, alone or in combination, shaped the course of the infection within each jurisdiction. The group aims to produce contextually relevant descriptions of these events, with a series of infographics to inform future pandemic planning.

Working Group Lead

Elizabeth Alvarez, McMaster University

Working Group Members

Neil Abernethy, University of Washington
Edris Alam, Rabdan Academy
Ellen Amster, McMaster University
Laura Anderson, McMaster University
Emma Apatu, McMaster University
Ahmed A. Belal, McMaster University
Iwona Bielska, McMaster University
Katherine Boothe, McMaster University
Dorsai Boreshnavard, McMaster University
Katrina Bouzanis, McMaster University
Shruthi Dakey, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology
Jared Dookie, Western University
Alexandra Durocher, Western University
Edward Feng, McMaster University
Marie-Carmel Gedeon, Heidelberg University
Simrat Gill, McMaster University
Donna Goldstein, University of Colorado Boulder
Janany Gunabalasingam, McMaster University
Bronwyn Hersen, Western University
Stephanie E. Hopkins, McMaster University
Lyndsey Huynh, McMaster University
Yuna Jang, BC Cancer Centre
Tamika Jarvis, McMaster University
Alessandra Jerolleman, Jacksonville State University
Jinhee Lee, McMaster University
Mark Loeb, McMaster University
Claire McFayden, University of Colorado Boulder
Arielle Milkman, University of Colorado Boulder
Peter Miller, McMaster University
Nicholas Mitsakakis, University of Toronto
Sarita Panchang, University of South Florida
Sureka Pavalangatharanjah, McMaster University
Lisa Schwartz, McMaster University
Will Sinnott, McMaster University
Jean Slick, Royal Roads University
Magda Stawkowski, University of South Carolina
Alice Tan, McMaster University
Japleen Thind, McMaster University
Taylor Uylett-Kerrigan, McMaster University
Matthew Van, California State University Long Beach
Anna Wynfield, University of Colorado Boulder
Sammah Yahya, McMaster University
Michelle Yao, McMaster University
Song Yegi, York University

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