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Puerto Ricans and COVID-19


Research Agenda:

This Working Group is using an interdisciplinary perspective in understanding and examining the Puerto Rican population on the island and on the U.S. mainland in the midst of COVID-19. Puerto Ricans have been gravely affected by the debt crisis, exclusion from the full benefits of federal programs, and lackluster responses to major disasters. These have significant effects on the health and well-being of the population.

Working Group Lead

Catherine Garcia, University of Southern California

Working Group Members

Tatiana Elisa Bustos, Michigan State University
Heather Farmer, Duke University
Marc A. Garcia, University of Nebraska Lincoln
Adriana Garriga-Lopez, Kalamazoo College
Anna Hayward, Stony Brook University
Olga F. Jarrin, Rutgers University
Matthew Manierre, Clarkson University
Gabriella Meltzer, New York University
Diana Montoya-Williams, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Fernando Rivera, University of Central Florida
Carlos Rodriguez-Diaz, George Washington University
Mellie Torres, City University of New York

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