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Readying Populations for the COVID-19 Vaccine


This Working Group will develop an agenda to guide the aggregation, generation, and translation of known and novel research about social and behavioral challenges with a COVID-19 vaccine. With the time lag in vaccine availability, the US has an opportunity to foresee and study potential issues and to develop evidence-informed policies and practices that facilitate the public’s understanding of, access to, and ultimate uptake of a novel coronavirus vaccine.

Working Group Leads

Emily Brunson, Texas State University and Monica Schoch-Spana, Johns Hopkins University

Working Group Members

Luciana Borio, In-Q-Tel
Janesse Brewer, Johns Hopkins University
Joseph Buccina, In-Q-Tel
Nancy Connell, Johns Hopkins University
Nancy Kass, Johns Hopkins University
Anna Kirkland, University of Michigan
Lisa Koonin, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Heidi Larson, University of Washington
Brooke Fisher Liu, University of Maryland
Rex Long, Texas State University
Saad Omer, Yale University
Walter Orenstein, Emory University
Gregory Poland, Mayo Clinic
Lois Privor-Dumm, Johns Hopkins University
Sandra Crouse Quinn, University of Maryland
Sanjana Ravi, Johns Hopkins University
Ali Ruth, Johns Hopkins University
Daniel Salmon, Johns Hopkins University
Marc Trotochaud, Johns Hopkins University
Alexandre Sasha White, Johns Hopkins University

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