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Redefining Family Under COVID-19


COVID-19 in an inverted disaster. Infrastructure is intact, water is potable, power is running, yet the challenges to the maintenance of social order persist. Where family is often an asset in disaster preparation, survival and recovery, the nature of COVID-19 requires social distance and isolation, as well as the emotional congealing of social kin families into new systems of care. This group studies the lived experiences of such emergent families.

Working Group Leads

Dana Greene, Independent Researcher (April 2020 – Present) and Jessica Pardee, Rochester Institute of Technology (April 2020 – September 2020)

Working Group Members

Gonzalo Bacigalupe, University of Massachusetts, Boston
Shawna Bendeck, Colorado State University
Marcilyn Cianfarani, Independent Researcher
Sonya J. Cowan, Redwood High School
Shruthi Dakey, Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology
Danielle Denardo, Soka University of America
Christine Gibb, University of Ottawa
Simone H. Goertz-Rütten, Chirurgische Privatklinik Düsseldorf
Rachael Hernandez, University of Missouri
Pria Ranganath, Independent

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