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Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in COVID-19


There are approximately 70.8 million forcibly-displaced people worldwide, including 41.3 million internally-displaced people (IDPs) and 25.9 million refugees. Refugees are people who crossed an international border to find safety. IDPs have not crossed international borders, remaining under the protection of their own government. In both cases, the need for humanitarian assistance is rendering both populations among the most vulnerable.

Working Group Lead

Antoine B. Richards, Peacebuilding Solutions

Working Group Members

FNU Anamika, Peacebuilding Solutions
Kristen Byers, Peacebuilding Solutions
Rachel Hodge, Peacebuilding Solutions
Greg Hodgin, Peacebuilding Solutions
Elizabeth Louis, Peacebuilding Solutions
Alexa Pupillo, Peacebuilding Solutions

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