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Wildfire Preparedness and Evacuation Planning in a Pandemic


The Working Group will examine how communities are preparing for imminent wildfire impacts during the ongoing pandemic. The Working Group will engage through two related activity streams: 1) Understand the needs and challenges of communities in California and Colorado implementing wildfire preparedness activities during the pandemic; and 2) Examine how evacuation planning can be responsive to communities at risk of compound impacts from COVID-19 and wildfires.

Working Group Lead

Shefali Juneja Lakhina, Wonder Labs

Working Group Members

Logan Gerber-Chavez, University of Delaware
Susie Kocher, University of California Cooperative Extension – Central Sierra
Alan H. Kwok, Philanthropy California
Boyd Lebeda, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Tara Pozzi, Boise State University
Daphne Stannard, San Francisco State University

Working Group Website

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